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Tapping with our children

When I look on Facebook, I see so many posts from older adults who are dependent on this or that medication. Then I look at the heroin epidemic in our country, and I have to conclude that we are all responsible. When children are young, parents and grandparents without thinking give them medicine every time they feel pain, get sick or act out.

As older adults, we unknowingly created this heroin epidemic for this generation and for generations to come. But we can start to change all of that today by teaching children to use emotional freedom techniques (tapping) instead of medications as the first response.

Here are three tips. Instead of giving your child this or that medication to solve a problem or treat pain, 1) teach them how to use tapping to solve the problem or eliminate the pain, 2) mute your TV whenever a drug commercial comes on, 3) and lastly be an example, by not taking your drugs or medications in front of your children.

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