Is the Internet Reading your Mind or is it your Inner Child trying to get your Attention?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

I woke up this morning thinking about particular methods to help my patients heal their inner child. When I glanced at my iPhone, wouldn't you know it, the first thing I saw was a blog entitled, "Kundailini-Psychosis or Transcendence" by Psychiatrist Less Saneila. Well as you might guess, I read the article and watched the accompanying video. Although the article, nor the video was of great interest to me, as I scrolled down through the comment section, someone had posted this inner child healing technique that I want to share with you:

Inner Child Healing: Start by imagining yourself as you were when you were 4 or 5 years old. Use a photo initially if it is necessary. Then as your adult self imagine checking in with that inner child that you have identified. Go to them. I think you will see that your suffering is at the root of their suffering. Give them unconditional love. Hug them, talk to them. Sit with them. Soothe them. Tell them that now that you've found them you will strive hard to always be there for them. That you're inseparable. Develop a deep relationship with yourself in your heart center.

After you begin to build a foundation of Self love you can then expand the practice to have your inner child bring you photos (which are more like snapshots of memories) of the events that were terrifying for them. And you can use inner child healing to tell them how unfair that situation was, that they are not wrong to feel this way, but now that you have found them that they are safe and loved.

After a month or so this exercise morphed on its own to just directly loving myself (adult self loving adult self). I started to be my own best cheerleader and friend. My inner critical voice too has changed to one of unconditional love.

I really hope this helps (Adapted from a John Bradshaw exercise. He was a pioneer in inner child healing). Check out this video.