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Alpha Stimulation

Updated: May 3, 2023

Alpha stimulation is a way to help the brain relax and feel good by using special tools that send tiny electrical or magnetic signals to the brain. These signals help the brain to produce a type of wave called "alpha waves" that can make you feel calm, happy, and help you sleep better. It's like giving your brain a gentle massage to help it feel relaxed and refreshed!

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Thanks for this informative article. I totally agree! Based on my experience, I know for a fact that diets definitely do not work. I've heard of Dr Fung in the past and have watched some of his Youtube videos. Personally, I'm a fan of I've learnt how to do intermitted fasting the easy way and have never felt deprived while doing it. Thanks again for this, I'm always open to other sources and will check out your suggestions.

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