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Depression is linked to poor gut health and inflammation

Your “gut” might be telling you it’s time to see a therapist.

Do you feel down, depressed or hopeless? Do you suffer from anxiety? Have you lost interest or pleasure in doing things? Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you irritable, easily frustrated or restless? Is your appetite poor or do you overeat? Are you overweight or underweight? Do you have thoughts that you would be better off dead or of hurting yourself in some way? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your “gut” might be telling you it’s time to see a therapist.

According to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) website, depression affects about 16 million American adults every year. Anyone can get depressed, and depression can happen at any age and in any person.

Your gut known as your second brain may hold the key to your happiness.  Research has revealed a link between bacteria imbalance in your gut’s microbiota, chronic inflammation, and depression. For example, studies show that people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation also commonly suffer from depression and anxiety.

So what is the gut’s microbiota and why is it important?

The microbiota is made up of trillions of cells including bugs, bacteria, viruses and fungi living inside your gastrointestinal tract and is essential for your nutritional, immunity and brain health.  Brain images of people with depression show that their brains have increased neuroinflammation which is inflammation that starts in the gut and travels through the vagus nerve, (the longest nerves connecting the gut & brain) to the brain which is linked to depression.

How to improve your gut health and reduce the chronic inflammation that’s linked to depression?

Meeting with a licensed therapist who understands the link between depression, gut health, chronic inflammation, and your dietary needs is the first step towards recovery. Your emotions, thoughts and food choices can negatively impact both your brain and gut health, so to improve your mood and gut bacteria it’s important to work with a qualified therapist who understands the brain-gut connection.

At Renew Your Heart and Mind, I have created the Diet For Life guide an easy to remember Gut-Directed Emotional Health and Wellness guide for treating your depression at the brain-gut level. The guide includes:

Detoxification of Toxins out of your Body with Natural Remedies to Promote Brain-Gut Health.

Inner Peace & Healing with Energy Psychology Techniques,Meditation & Kinesiology.

Exercises & Belly Breathing Techniques.

Therapy/Trust to Change Negative “Gut” Feelings, Worry, the Inner Voice/Critic in your Head;

Foods, Filtered Water, Fasting & Forgiveness to Maximize your Brain-Gut Health.

Open Air, Oxygen, Sunshine & Essential Oils for Optimal Health;

Rest, Relaxation & Repetition to Foster Sleep, Peace & Habit Changes.

Love & Laughter are Vital for Happiness, Joy & Contentment.

Infinite Intelligence (God) & Intuitive Intuition is the Key to Discovering the Power Within.

Friends, Family, Fun & a Faith Community, are the Ingredients to a Long Life.

Environmental Changes & Emotional Health is Fundamental to Improving your Health.

The guidelines I recommend in the Diet For Life guide have been proven to improve the quality of life for those suffering from gut & inflammation issues, depression, insomnia, anxiety, addictions, and other health and mental health conditions. At Renew Your Heart and Mind, I understand the brain-gut connection and how poor nutrition, worry, and stress negatively impacts your brain-gut health. If you are tired of feeling down in the dumps and unhappy with your life, schedule your free consultation with me today.  You know in your “gut” you need to make some changes, so why not do it now? Life is too short to let things eat away at you.  Your journey to happiness and good health starts with the Diet For Life guide. Learn more when you schedule your appointment with me today at

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