You Can Heal Yourself

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Can someone actually heal herself?

Yes, most of us have heard of patients diagnosed with serious illnesses going into spontaneous remission after being prescribed a placebo (sugar pill), right? This is called the placebo effect. In medical clinical research trials, the placebo effect happens more than you might think. Even when patients know they are prescribed a placebo, many still experience healing.

How is this possible?

The placebo works because patients believe and feel that the “sugar” pill prescribed them is aiding in their healing. The placebo has no medicine in it, so that can’t be it. These patients are healing themselves by their own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and lifestyle changes. You see, the human body is designed to heal itself and you can tap into this healing power by learning a few basic techniques.

How can I learn these basic techniques to heal myself?

I can teach you how to use mind-body-energy techniques to alter your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and body’s physiology to aid in your healing.

Is there any scientific evidence that proves this stuff works?

Yes, the research found that 70 percent of our thoughts are negative and repetitive. These negative thoughts create the opposite effect of the placebo effect and often lead to what is called the nocebo effect. You may have heard the expression, “thoughts are things”. Well, it’s true. Our negative thoughts, stress and worry often lead to serious sickness and disease. But, there is hope. Neuroplasticity has proven that when we learn to think differently and have new experiences, our brains change to create healing.